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Welcome from the President

Dear Friends, 

Nearly eighty years ago, in the middle of a world war, Fairfield College Preparatory School graduated its inaugural class of 12 young men. Since that day, Fairfield Prep and our distinctive Jesuit, Catholic education, has set the standard for preparing young men for the many challenges of a changing world. 

Fairfield Prep's first graduating class
Fairfield Prep’s first graduation class, June 16, 1943. Four members not pictured; one had graduated in February for Holy Cross; three were serving in the U.S. military or away in training

In spring of 2022, we celebrated the anniversary of our founding, and we renewed our commitment to educating our sons in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition with the announcement of our strategic plan and a preview of its five pillars. Today, I am pleased to share with you in full Be Ignited: The Strategic Plan for Fairfield Prep.

Be Ignited is a comprehensive framework for growth and Jesuit excellence over the next five years. These pillars will guide the investments we make in the young men of Prep – informed and inspired by the call of St. Ignatius Loyola to go forth and “set the world on fire” with lives of passionate faith and service.

We are motivated each day by the greater glory of God, and the support of our Prep community. I invite you to explore the pillars, learn more about some of the early investments in our strategic plan, and reflect on how you might Be Ignited for Prep.

May God bless you and your families. +AMDG

With gratitude,

Christian J. Cashman P ’15, ‘23

Our Five Strategic Pillars

Sustain Our Jesuit, Catholic Mission and Commitment to Justice

We are renewing our commitment to educating our sons in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition, mind, body, and spirit. We will expand access to Fairfield Prep for the many qualified young men desiring a transformative education, work to sustain excellence and diversity by maintaining strong enrollment, and ensuring access.
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Ensure Jesuit Educator Formation and Excellence

In light of profound societal challenges and the educational disruption of a pandemic, our region needs Fairfield Prep and our transformational Jesuit, Catholic education more than ever. The ingenuity and creativity of our dedicated faculty allows us to embrace the challenges of the these times with their signature passion which is integral to a Prep education.

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Deepen Ignatian Engagement of the Whole Person

Our Jesuit mission is current and innovative, while still rooted in a 500-year-old, time-tested model of educating the whole person.
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Expand Academic Success and Support

We will address the urgent social-emotional, wellness, and academic supports needed by our boys in light of our Jesuit mission to care for the whole person, as we work to respond to the challenges facing our students emerging from the pandemic.
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Invigorate Prep Alumni Network/Brotherhood

Prep men are formed for excellence in college and in life. They become community leaders of conscience, intellectual competence, and compassion in a challenging world.

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Ignited for Prep

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Jim Barrett ’60

College and graduate school and everything that came after would not have been possible without the foundation laid at the Prep. For that reason, I’ve always felt an obligation to the Prep. Prep transformed me as a personality and a person."

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Frank Barron ’69

This has long been part of the Jesuit mission. We need to continue giving more young boys the chance to receive a sound education, be inspired, go on to live lives of purpose – and then pass on that good fortune to the next generation."

Frank’s full story from Prep Today


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